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Sherman Arnowiz

About the instructor

Since 1998, under the leadership of Sherman Arnowitz, Keyhole Financial Services has managed thousands of distressed second mortgage notes and has continually paid out returns in excess of 20% to their private investors.

In 2013, Sherman and his team created Keyhole Academy; an on-line education program designed to educate students interested in learning how to invest in the distressed second mortgage market.

Keyhole Academy is unique in that they are the only company offering their students private, joint-venture mentorships. Every phone call made, letter written, and strategy implemented is done with a member of the Keyhole Academy team. The idea is to create and nourish a cooperative learning experience so our students can have the confidence to eventually start buying notes with confidence on their own.

(3 Chapter Course Sampler)

This sampler of the first three chapters of our flagship course will give you insight as to the magnitude of what this course can do for you. Our full course gives you all you need to start investing on your own in this incredible industry that will change your life.

Don't Take our Word for it, Read What Our Students are Saying

"I've been interested in the note space for 15 years, but only after reading Sherman's book and going through his course did I have the confidence to begin buying non-performing notes for my own portfolio." - Chris Larsen Ashville, NC

"…overall I thought it was very good. The bankruptcy info was the best I've seen. The course was detailed and well organized. I liked the resources listed for each chapter. The information given was complete……I could go out and do this now." - Diane

"I signed up for the course, The Business of Investing in Second Mortgages. It’s a great course with an enormous amount of content and zeros in on the practical side of the business as well. I never knew there was so much detail that went into the due diligence process. I’m very glad I made the decision to invest in this course and am now ready to invest in mortgages." - Steve Holland Austin, TX

"As a student of Keyhole Academy, I find that I’m more careful and have more confidence in my selection of notes. After my experience with Keyhole Academy, I’m able to analyze notes quicker and with more confidence." - Kathleen Nguyen Poway, CA

"Keyhole Academy provided me with a detailed and practical guide to starting in the non-performing second notes business. They provided interactive quizzes that helped ensure that we understood the course material." - Sandor Lau Eugene, OR

"I especially like my one-on-one phone conversations with my professor. It gave me a chance to ask questions specific to my area of focus. I’ve also met a lot of great people through this program." - Michelle Ryder Chicago, IL

"The Keyhole Academy course is a great resource. I found it easy to follow, thought it had very detailed, step-by-step information on how to buy, work and modify mortgage notes. I picked up some great tips. Also, the Excel exercises were very well done – for anyone starting out in the business, your learning curve will be greatly reduced." - Lisa Lemire Philadelphia PA

"I always realized the huge potential for investing in notes. But, what I didn’t completely understand was how to find or evaluate notes. The Keyhole Academy education program taught me everything I needed to know to start investing in notes. I would have never gotten started if it wasn’t for them." - Arthur Botting Los Angeles, CA

"I explored several note investing programs before coming to Keyhole Academy. They were all helpful but Sherman offers a different level of experience. His program really boils down the process so it is easy to understand and then offers the resources to fill in the knowledge gaps with as much detail as you need so you can take action in this business with confidence."  - Ryan Kaza Rochester, NY

"I am an experienced real estate investor and broker looking to get into the distressed note market. I came across Sherman’s course and after an introductory phone call, I knew that he would be a great teacher. The contact and course was straightforward and to the point, and not that difficult to complete. Having the one-on-one phone calls after completion of the sessions assisted me to clarify any questions or misunderstandings I had. I like that he is knowledgeable and communicates well so that it is easy to understand. The videos were extremely helpful as well. I received the information out of it that I need in order to begin in my next endeavor of investing in real estate, on the financing end." - Eva Bocio Islip, NY

Course Contents

3 Quizzes
4 PDFs