Course Description

This guide will introduce you to the many facets of using Evaluenote.

Evaluenote is an online program developed to meet an ever-growing demand for a simpler, faster, and more effective method of analyzing distressed first and second mortgage notes.

It combines computing power with analytic logic to give buyers rapid note scoring and bid offer pricing based on current market conditions.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or weekend warrior, Evaluenote will save you time and money!

Evaluenote assures you the confidence in your selection of both first and second notes based on your preferences of:

> States
> Payment Status
> LTV & CLTV Ratios
> Fair Market Value
> Foreclosure Times
> Bankruptcy Status
> Foreclosure Status
> No. of Years in Home
> Current Market Conditions

Since 1998, under the leadership of Sherman Arnowitz, Keyhole Financial Services has managed thousands of distressed second mortgage notes and has continually paid out returns in excess of 20% to their private investors.In 2013, Sherman and his team created Keyhole Academy; an on-line education program designed to educate students interested in learning how to invest in the distressed second mortgage market.Keyhole Academy is unique in that they are the only company offering their students private, joint-venture mentorships. Every phone call made, letter written, and strategy implemented is done with a member of the Keyhole Academy team. The idea is to create and nourish a cooperative learning experience so our students can have the confidence to eventually start buying notes with confidence on their own.

Keyhole Academy

Sherman Arnowiz

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Evaluenote Demonstration

    • Welcome to Evaluenote

    • Logging into Evaluenote

    • Preparing Your Excel File

    • Preparing Your Excel File

    • Importing and Opening Files

    • Importing and Opening Files (Video)

    • Scoring Menu

    • Scoring Menu (Video)

    • Score Status Menu

    • Score Status (Video)

    • Using Filters

    • Archive Tab

    • Archiving & Filtering Loans

    • Value Analysis Tab

    • Value Analysis Screen (Video)

    • Offer Tab

    • Offer Screen (Video)

    • Accepted Tab

    • Accepted Screen (Video)

    • Exporting Data to Excel (Video)

    • Analytics Tab

    • Contact Menu

    • Maintaining Contacts (Video)

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Creating a Support Ticket

    • Score Status (Video)

  • 02

    Main Evaluenote Video

    • Main Evaluenote Video