Hear What Our Students Think

"I've been interested in the note space for 15 years, but only after reading Sherman's book and going through his course did I have the confidence to begin buying non-performing notes for my own portfolio." - Chris Larsen Ashville, NC

"…overall I thought it was very good. The bankruptcy info was the best I've seen. The course was detailed and well organized. I liked the resources listed for each chapter. The information given was complete……I could go out and do this now." - Diane

"I signed up for the course, The Business of Investing in Second Mortgages. It’s a great course with an enormous amount of content and zeros in on the practical side of the business as well. I never knew there was so much detail that went into the due diligence process. I’m very glad I made the decision to invest in this course and am now ready to invest in mortgages." - Steve Holland Austin, TX

"As a student of Keyhole Academy, I find that I’m more careful and have more confidence in my selection of notes. After my experience with Keyhole Academy, I’m able to analyze notes quicker and with more confidence." - Kathleen Nguyen Poway, CA

"Keyhole Academy provided me with a detailed and practical guide to starting in the non-performing second notes business. They provided interactive quizzes that helped ensure that we understood the course material." - Sandor Lau Eugene, OR

"I especially like my one-on-one phone conversations with my professor. It gave me a chance to ask questions specific to my area of focus. I’ve also met a lot of great people through this program." - Michelle Ryder Chicago, IL

"The Keyhole Academy course is a great resource. I found it easy to follow, thought it had very detailed, step-by-step information on how to buy, work and modify mortgage notes. I picked up some great tips. Also, the Excel exercises were very well done – for anyone starting out in the business, your learning curve will be greatly reduced." - Lisa Lemire Philadelphia PA

"I always realized the huge potential for investing in notes. But, what I didn’t completely understand was how to find or evaluate notes. The Keyhole Academy education program taught me everything I needed to know to start investing in notes. I would have never gotten started if it wasn’t for them." - Arthur Botting Los Angeles, CA